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A Peanut Pastime
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Vivian introduces viewers to Rob and Amy Hill, proprietors of one of the largest sweet...
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Vivian travels to Columbia, South Carolina, to meet with Glenn Roberts of Anson Mills and...

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Ben, Vivian and the twins pick muscadine grapes at a small local vineyard while learning...
Chef's Life  ·  Episode 109

A Peanut Pastime


Vivian visits neighbor Marty Harper's peanut farm just before and during harvest. Vivian's dad introduces Ben and Vivian to the old school break snack, a pack of salted peanuts dumped into a Pepsi in a glass bottle. At the restaurant, Vivian translates the snack into Pepsi glazed pork belly with country ham braised peanuts. Vivian reinvents the popular Southern snack, boiled peanuts, for the local farmers' market.

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