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Shake, Rattle and Pole (Beans)
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Season 5
Episode 3
Vivian preps peppers for a trip to Lambstock, a party where chefs, food, and music...
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Season 5
Episode 1
Vivian’s plate is full of everything. Except tomatoes. As Chef...
Chef's Life

Shake, Rattle and Pole (Beans)

Season: 5
Eps: 2

With Summer heat high and rain levels low, Vivian struggles to scrounge up enough green beans to add to the menu at Chef & the Farmer. Her kitchen capers continue as she stumbles to find her rhythm with a new chef firmly in place. Mrs. Tessie Mae offers levity by giving Vivian a golf cart tour of her garden, an intro to pickled pork, and a lesson in snapping pole beans.

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