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Why and how did some of the world's most influential artists, innovators, athletes and leaders break big? Talented men and women recount their most difficult, dramatic and serendipitous turning points. Emmy-winning journalist Carlos Watson hosts.


Season 1
Episode 12
Track the route of San Juan’s Mayor Cruz after Puerto Rico was slammed by a catastrophic...
Season 1
Episode 11
Learn how sartorial savant Siriano parlayed confidence and a singular vision into a “...
Season 1
Episode 10
See how former FOX News anchor Carlson—a Miss America winner and Stanford graduate—found...
Season 1
Episode 9
Trace Daniels’ path from West Philly to his the red-hot center of Hollywood. Learn how he...
Season 1
Episode 8
Discover how Sen. Gillibrand started out representing a conservative district in upstate...
Season 1
Episode 7
Teamwork is what allowed Michael Strahan to break big several times over a career that...
Season 1
Episode 6
See how Gay, child of Haitian immigrants, transcended expectations to become a leading...
Season 1
Episode 5
Find out how Zukerman turned her passion for indoor-cycling into a massive business—twice...
Season 1
Episode 4
Learn how country singer Jason Aldean battled through constant setbacks early in his...
Season 1
Episode 3
See how Tony Award-nominated writer Gurira made the leap from storyteller to Hollywood...
Season 1
Episode 2
Follow Huang, restaurateur, television host and author of Fresh off the Boat, on his...
Season 1
Episode 1
Learn how Noah, born and raised in South Africa, used his painful life stories to create...


How did some of the world's most influential artists, innovators and leaders break big?