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Borders & Heritage

Stories of the immigrant experience in the Pacific Northwest.

Borders & Heritage

Seattle-based Arab-American playwright Yussef El Guindi writes quintessentially...
Can you pass the citizenship test? Test your knowledge.
Follow Chakriya Say,originally from Cambodia, and Miguel Ceballos Medina,...
US Citizenship Essay - Dr Dhillon
Dr. Kiran Dhillon, a scientist at Fred Hutch, shares her story: "I had spent my...
Gardening has deep-seated roots for Aun Neov, a Cambodian refugee and survivor.
Jessica Esparza was ecstatic. On a warm Saturday in June, she was about to go...
Click through on this interactive history chart to find out when major events...
Steve describes “When you look at the occupations that Scandinavians took on...
Enrique shares his family story: My parents became U.S. citizens in 1953, the...
"We had to sleep five to six people in one room. Sometimes we had to walk miles...
Little Saigon is not just a place for immigrants — residents of Seattle have...
Immigration policies and the impact on people and culture in the Pacific...

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Upcoming Episodes

Borders and Heritage
SUN 4/2 and 4/16, 6:35 PM 

Meet an undocumented student from Central Washington living with the fear of deportation while managing to achieve her dream of becoming a registered nurse; 19 year-old Abdullahi goes from a Somali refugee camp in Kenya to excelling in college in the US; grandson of Norwegian immigrants, artist Steve Jensen’s work in centered around his family’s heritage.

Borders and Heritage: Immigrant Journeys
SUN 4/23 and 4/30, 6:35 PM 

A collection of stories exploring the immigrant and refugee experience. A Syrian refugee family builds a new life in Seattle; immigrants become U.S. citizens in a naturalization ceremony at Crater Lake National Park in Ore.; Arab American playwright Yussef El Guindi writes quintessentially American stories about immigrant experience; and KCTS 9 producer Stacey Jenkins explores similarities and differences between life in Canada and US based on her personal experience.

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