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Borders & Heritage

Borders & Heritage explores the immigrant and refugee experiences in the Pacific Northwest.

Borders & Heritage

Stories of the immigrant experience in the Pacific Northwest.

Jose Antonio Vargas talks with Enrique Cerna on life in the United States as an...
“My son doesn’t even know he is Muslim. When does “ignorance is bliss” as a...
Enrique Cerna from KCTS 9 moderates an important community conversation about...
Seattle’s longest-operating food delivery service, Turmeric ‘n More, offers...
A family reflects upon the challenges they have overcome as they build a new...
Community members share their different and similar perspectives of what "A...
A Seattle organization, Salaam Cultural Museum, is mobilizing volunteers around...

Featured on KCTS 9

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Upcoming Episodes

Sat 2/24, 852pm
Dear Donald Trump: A Dreamer Speaks Out

Jessica Esparza is a DACA recipient and a registered nurse. She shares her thoughts on the Trump Administration’s decision to end DACA, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals in an emotional letter she wrote to the President.

Sun 2/25, 256am
Ethiopian Coffee's Secret Ingredient: Community

In Seattle's Ethiopian cafes, coffee is brewed the old way -- slowly, with a shot of community.

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