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Borders & Heritage

Borders & Heritage explores the immigrant and refugee experiences in the Pacific Northwest.

Borders & Heritage

Stories of the immigrant experience in the Pacific Northwest.

In Washington’s Yakima Valley, the immigration policy DACA has meant hope for...
Abel Rocha, a Mexican folksinger in Seattle, has been called a “keeper of...
Alicia Mullikin Seattle-based Dancer and Choreographer
“I am not tall, long, thin, blonde hair, blue eyes,” says Alicia Mullikin. And...
Claudia Castro Luna is now traveling the state teaching workshops in...
The artist reconnects with his Cuban roots and reinvents his art.
Maru Mora Villalpando, immigrant leader and a key organizer of protests at the...
“I’ve been contributing to my community, paying taxes, being the best citizen...
Enrique Cerna writes about a young immigrant who is trying to make her way amid...
Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony in Seattle
Amid the bustle of Seattle’s big-city, fast-moving, grab-and-go coffee culture...
From Pramila Jayapal to Manka Dhingra, meet Washington’s new wave of women...
A conversation with the community organizer who co-founded the United Farm...
“These farm workers make farms work. ... We wouldn’t be able to get done what we need to without them,” says De Vries.
According to the American Farm Bureau Federation, labor shortages nationwide...

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Fri 5/25, 4:50pm
Chicana Choreographer (Wt)
Fri 5/25, 8:53pm
Claudia Castro Luna: Washington’s First Immigrant Poet Laureate

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