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About Borders & Heritage

October 1, 2015

Borders & Heritage is a KCTS 9 digital series that explores the immigrant experience in the Pacific Northwest. For most, the immigrant experience is the American experience. But we are connected to it in many different ways. With Borders & Heritage, we tell the stories of recent immigrants, as well as stories of those who arrived decades or centuries ago, celebrating immigrants whose traditions and customs have helped shape the diverse culture of our region. 

The early immigrants to the Pacific Northwest were primarily Northern Europeans. By the 1870s, a small number of Asian immigrants came to the region.  Today, Washington State, particularly the Seattle metropolitan area, is home to people from around the globe, all drawn by the promise of freedom, equality and opportunity.  

Borders & Heritage was launched in 2015 to mark the 50th anniversary of the 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act, which ended racial discrimination in American immigration policies and opened America’s doors to immigrants from around the world.



Series Producer
Laila Kazmi

Segment Producers & Writers
Aileen ImperialLaila KazmiEnrique Cerna, Jes Burns,
Stephen Hegg, Stacey Jenkins, Nils Cowan

Photographers & Editors
Resti Bagcal, Aileen Imperial, Greg Davis, Dave Ko, Stephen Hegg, Laila Kazmi, 
Amy Mahardy, Valerie Vozza, Stacey Jenkins, Time Pearson

Greg Cohen, Samantha Muscat-Sherr, Madaleine Pisaneschi

Interactive Producers
Joseph Liu, Rory Graves

Digital Director
Patty Lindley