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Bob the Builder and his machine team are ready to tackle any project using the power of positive-thinking, problem-solving, teamwork and follow-through.
Ages: 2-6
Educational Goal:<\/strong> Social and Emotional Growth


No episodes are available for online viewing.
Bob the Builder and his team tackle projects using problem-solving skills and teamwork.

Upcoming Episodes

Sat 9/29, 7:00am
Mind Out!

DRIVE-THRU DISASTER For his college course, Leo films the team building a drive-thru at the Milkshake Bar. Scoop's desperation to be the star of Leo's film causes disruption and eventually a crash on the drive-thru lane! The drive-thru...

Sat 10/6, 7:00am
Watch Out Pilchard

WILD WILD WEDDING Tilly and Henry have asked Bob and the team to convert Fixham Castle into a spectacular wedding venue. When Scoop learns there will be a "Best Man," he volunteers to be "Best Machine. " But the job goes to...