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Blue Sky Metropolis

"Blue Sky Metropolis" is the untold story of how aerospace was central to the growth of California and its emergence as an economic power. The documentary miniseries focuses on the people behind the aerospace movement and will feature many of the current major players in the aerospace industry in California, which is the hub of modern day aerospace engineering.


Season 1
Episode 4
The end of the Cold War brings massive layoffs, but tech billionaires choose Southern...
Season 1
Episode 3
The triumphant and tragic Space Race unfolds in the first-hand accounts of those who...
Season 1
Episode 2
This episode traces how the Cold War and Pentagon dollars fund the explosive growth of...
Season 1
Episode 1
“Wings” establishes Southern California as the undisputed aviation capital of the world,...


“Blue Sky Metropolis” is the story of how aerospace was central to California’s growth.