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Black Folk Don't

“Black Folk Don’t...” is an open conversation that invites everyone to take a second look at the grey areas between us all, no matter the race, and most importantly to do it with a sense of humor. This documentary web series is a special presentation of, directed and produced by Angela Tucker, with support from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.


Season 3
Episode 6
In our final episode of the season, we look at black folk and the NRA. It's been an...
Season 3
Episode 5
In this episode we look at adoption and the black community. As usual, it's more complex...
Season 3
Episode 4
There have been many conversations about the definition of feminism and who falls neatly...
Season 3
Episode 3
Is plastic surgery relevant for black folk? If so, what kinds of surgery do black folk...
Season 3
Episode 2
Do black folk live to the end of a horror film? Do scary movies allow black characters to...
Season 3
Episode 1
Back by popular demand, and with topics by the people, Black Folk Don't brings new topics...