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Bill Moyers & Company

Moyers & Company, with journalist Bill Moyers, is a weekly series of smart talk and ideas aimed at helping viewers make sense of our tumultuous times through the insight of America’s strongest thinkers. Airing on public television stations across the country, the series continues Moyers’ long-running conversation with the public by offering a forum to writers, journalists, scientists, philosophers


Final Episode: The Children’s Climate Crusade
January 1, 2015
Bill Moyers & Company ends the broadcast series this week on an encouraging...
Bill Moyers & Company - Pity the Planet: Environmental Agencies Are Failing Us
In this clip, Mary Christina Wood tells Bill that agencies like the...
Bill Moyers & Company: What Makes Nonviolent Movements Explode?
December 29, 2014
Some protests are ignored and forgotten while others dominate the news cycle...


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The final episode of the Moyers & Company television series 
aired on Jan 1, 2015. will continue for
the foreseeable future.