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Ask the Governor

Washington's Governor Jay Inslee fields questions from state residents on the legislature, education, business, mental health services and homelessness.

Washington's sitting governor fields questions from voters across Washington State.



Season 5
Chinese-backed methanol plants in the state leads off the discussion, and a citizen asks...
Season 5
Governor Inslee addresses Boeing’s recent layoff news in light of the tax incentives the...
Season 5
Gov. Inslee discusses his decision not to sign the Charter Schools funding bill, as well...
Season 5
Enrique Cerna queries Governor Inslee about fixes of the Department of Corrections...
Season 5
Host Enrique Cerna askes Gov. Inslee about the states services for the mentally ill, and...


Have the issues facing our state changed in 22 years?

To find out, watch the first episode of Ask the Governor with Governor Mike Lowry, which aired on KCTS 9 on February 3, 1993.

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