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Governor Jay Inslee Rails Against Trump Administration

February 22, 2017

With the Spotlight on Washington after the state led the way in upending President Trump’s controversial executive order banning travel from Muslim-majority countries, Governor Jay Inslee sat down with the KCTS 9/Crosscut newsroom to answer questions from local residents and host Enrique Cerna. The session was a broadcast on Facebook Live. Cerna began the hour asking about the lawsuit and the Governor’s opinion of Trump’s administration. Other subjects covered included the future of the Affordable Care Act, education funding and the challenges of the present session of the State Legislature, taxes, Hanford and energy.

Question Timecodes:

0:30 – Thoughts on President Trump’s new executive order on the immigration ban
2:15 – Did you plan to take a stand against Trump upon his election?
3:45 – As a lifelong citizen of Washington, I do not want my state to become a “sanctuary state”
6:00 – Have you been following the case of the hospitalized child being held in Tacoma?
8:00 – Do you think these raids are political blowback?
9:00 – I am appalled with your insubordination towards President Trump
10:45 – What is your role in getting lawmakers to make a plan about education?
13:00 – Is the mental health care system on your radar?
15:15 – What is our state doing to prepare for any possible changes from Betsy Devos?
17:15 – The proposed education funding plan causes extra property tax that will hit Seattle hard
17:45 – What do you think about their plans for education?
19:45 – Are their plans all bogged down now?
20:30 – Will the new enhanced state ID requirement hurt undocumented immigrants?
22:00 – How can Washington State catch up with California and Oregon on solar energy?
24:30 – What will be done to bring jobs to places other than the Puget Sound region?
27:30 – Why are clergy exempted from having to perform services at same sex weddings because of their beliefs while other professions are not?
28:45 – How are you going to protect transgender people from attacks?
30:30 – What are some things Washington State might do if Republicans are successful repealing or degrading our current health care coverage?
32:45 – Do you plan on implementing a plan to hold Boeing accountable after its major tax break?
35:00 – Why is Washington State the only state to tax casinos on Indian reservations?
36:30 – What is being done to get Hanford nuclear reservation clean-up completed and what is the estimated date of completion?
38:15 – What can be done about highway garbage?
39:45 – What is being done about the problem of homelessness in our state?
43:00 – Will you provide a sales tax exclusion on heating fuel for seniors?
44:15 – How is the state working on foster parent retention?
46:00 – How could Washington State go about creating a Medicare-for-all single payer state insurance program?
47:00 – How far are you willing to go to protect immigrants?
49:15 – Seattle politicians do not represent the interests of the majority of the state
50:45 – How can you help the citizens and City Council of Mercer Island negotiate with the federal regulators to maintain safe and reasonable access to I-90 throughout the seven years before and during light rail construction?
52:30 – Closing talk and contact information


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you need to realy listen to the people we want trump in office you need to get with what trump wants or resign,get ridde of ellegal imagrints we dont want them here listen to the people.just leave offic do us all a favor