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Ask the Governor

Ask the Governor | Oct. 17, 2017

October 23, 2017

Ask the Governor was recorded live on Tuesday, Oct. 1, 2017. Watch the interview above and use the time codes below to watch Gov. Inslee talk about the issues that impact you.


To navigate the video by topic or question see the time stamps below for the video above. 


Gov. Inslee shares his thoughts on the breaking news that Senator Patty Murray and Senator Lamar Alexander of Tennessee brokered a bipartisan deal to stabilize the Affordable Care Act (ACA). 


Gov. Inslee shares his thoughts on President Trump’s most-recent travel ban and the role the judicial system has played in blocking these attempts by the president. 


Viewer question:

Several other states have passed reinsurance and other health care reforms that have stabilized their marketplace and lowered insurance costs. Alaska, for example, is looking at a 26.5 percent decrease for 2018. Is there anything on the plate for Washington state that is similar?

— Matt, Wenatchee


Gov. Inslee’s thoughts on the lack of bipartisanship in Olympia and the challenges of passing legislation in Washington. 


Gov. Inslee’s thoughts on the race for Washington’s 45th Legislative District and the potential that Republicans may lose the majority they currently hold in the Washington State Senate.  


Viewer question:

Many who care about public education do not believe the Legislature did its job in fulfilling the McCleary obligation to fully fund public education. What will be your response if the State Supreme Court also believes McCleary was not fully enacted? Will you support that decision? Or, what will you do?

— Melissa, Seattle


Viewer question:

What steps are you taking to reduce fossil fuel usage in the establishment of new fossil fuel facilities?

— Stephanie


Viewer question:

I’d like to know what else was on the table to fund education. I’m a senior — living in the city and in the home I love — struggling to get by. And it’s because of property taxes. Yes, I could sell my home and there would be a bidding war for my property. To think that the only solution to fund basic education was to raise property taxes is very shameful.

— C. Hagen, Seattle


Viewer question:

In light of the recent disastrous Atlantic salmon fish farm spill, why on Earth would you support and allow more fish farms to be built in our precious waters? And by a foreign company, no less?

— Helga, Bellingham


Viewer question:

A recent Seattle Times article pointed out serious deficiencies in our state’s earthquake preparedness, including the lack of evaluations and possible upgrades to public schools. Given that a major quake could happen any day, what is your office doing to work this issue with more funding and a sense of urgency?

— Carolyn, Seattle


Gov. Inslee shares his thoughts on retrofitting older buildings that are vulnerable to earthquake damage.


Viewer question:

If Congress fails in renewing CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program), which Congress recently let expire, what steps are you going to take to ensure that my 2-year-old child doesn’t lose her health benefits?

— Aaron


Gov. Inslee’s thoughts on Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and current federal immigration policies. 


Gov. Inslee’s thoughts on proclaiming Washington a “sanctuary state.”


Inslee weighs in on the potential threat of the Federal Government withholding funds to sanctuary states. 


Will Gov. Inslee run for president in 2020?


When the National Anthem is played, what will you do? 


Are you in favor of replacing Washington’s gas tax with a mileage or use tax?


Gov. Inslee shares his thoughts on letting Seattle make its own decision on an income tax.


Will a high-speed train ever connect Portland, Seattle and Vancouver?


Do you believe that Donald Trump has commited an impeachable offense? 


Gov. Inslee shares a few thoughts on Washington’s Attorney General, Bob Ferguson, and his recent publicity. 


Is the state budget too big, too small or just right to reasonably serve the needs of 7 million people and an economy of $477 billion GDP?


Yes or no: Peas in guacamole? 


Viewer question:

What are your plans to help the Puget Sound orcas, who are starving to death? We’re at the lowest population in history. Do you support breaching lower Snake River Dams? 

— Cathy, Clinton


Viewer question:

First, are you aware that our law enforcement and legal agencies — including Washington State Courts — need to have better accountability to the ADA (American Disabilities Act)? And if so, what are you doing about it?

— Cecelia


Viewer question:

As you already noted, you are against an income tax for the fastest growing tax base in the country in a state with the most regressive taxation in the country. Why? Why are you so solidly against income tax?

— Edmund, Seattle


Gov. Inslee shares his thoughts on Washington’s foster care system crisis.


Viewer question:

What is your stand on the Puget Sound Energy Australian-owned utility company installing a liquid natural gas facility in Tacoma?

— Patricia


Gov. Inslee  shares his thoughts on the recent accident at Hanford and the request the state made for federal assistance in funding the clean-up efforts. 


Gov. Inslee shares his thoughts on recent policies from the Enviornmental Protection Agency.


Gov. Inslee discusses the recent social media campaign on sexual harrassment, #MeToo, and how Washington’s legislature can address this issue. 


Gov. Inslee shares his thoughts on gun violence prevention in the wake of the mass shooting in Las Vegas. 


Gov. Inslee discusses safe injections sites in King County and the opioid epidemic. 


Viewer question:

When will our driver’s licenses be brought up to standard so that they are acceptable IDs at the international level?

— Trelia

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Good converstion.  Please increase volume of Cerna's voice.  Too often he fades and mumbles, to the point where I can hardly catch his intent.(I can't find a button that says "send.   I hope the "save" button forwards this comment to you.)