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Ask the Governor

Washington's Governor Jay Inslee fields questions from state residents on the legislature, education, business, mental health services and homelessness.

Ask the Governor

Washington's sitting governor fields questions from voters across Washington State.

Gov. Jay Inslee talks with Enrique Cerna about health care, climate change and...
Gov. Jay Inslee answered questions on Hanford, litter clean up, state ID's for...
Gov. Jay Inslee called the repeal of the Affordable Care Act a "call-to-arms...
"Our country is headed in the right direction to a more open and tolerant...
Gov. Jay Inslee comments on job creation, tax breaks and making Washington a...
"[Betsy DeVos] has looked at public education as the enemy.”
“I don’t know what to expect because there’s no way to predict this president."
With the Spotlight on Washington after the state led the way in upending...


Have the issues facing our state changed in 22 years?

To find out, watch the first episode of Ask the Governor with Governor Mike Lowry, which aired on KCTS 9 on February 3, 1993.

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