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Morning Mini Breaks with the Massive Monkees

April 4, 2013

Since 2013, Seattle-based hip hop crew, the Massive Monkees, has been offering dance classes and open studio time to kids and adults. 

The Beacon, the dance studio operated by award-winning Seattle dance crew the Magic Monkees, began as a part of Storefronts Seattle's Creative Enterprise program. Since then, they have settled into a long-term lease at their South King Street location. 

Crew member Anna Banana Freeze teaches "Mini Breaks"- breakdancing for kids ages two to six. 

"It's actually the perfect time to introduce the dance to kids because they're already exploring and moving around," she said. "So I wanted to teach a class in order to encourage their exploration of movement." 

Anna Banana Freeze teaches a new step to kids in Mini Breaks.

"I know there are a bunch of kids who are just itching to show who they are, so those kids have no problem dancing. It's really scary being in a big room...full of kids and adults, so it's a really big deal just to step inside and to put yourself out there." 

Anna encourages a student to freestyle.

For more information about Mini Breaks, watch the video above, and check out their website here. You can learn more about the Massive Monkees at


Aileen Imperial

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