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I Am the Viaduct

The Alaskan Way Viaduct speaks for itself in this short visual essay on the beleaguered, aging, yet still pretty darn effective little expressway. Featuring the voice of former Washington governor Daniel J. Evans.

Molly Spurgeon: For those who have to drive on it every day, or to those who think it's simply blocking the view, the Alaskan Way Viaduct may seem like an old concrete and steel structure that's ready to be ripped down. But even old highways have a story to tell—sometimes in their very own voice.

The Viaduct (voiced by governor Daniel J. Evans):

I am the viaduct. The gray grandad of a highway. Still standing, still on the job. But I hear that I'm in the way, that it's time for me to go. So remember, remember what I did for you. 

I was the city spine, the only course from North to South. I took you to work, to the game, to the concert, and back home again. 100,000 times a day.

Sure, I'm worn and wrinkled. Nisqually nearly knocked me down. My creaky legs have braces now. Of course, I'm just like you. I'm getting old. But I'm not giving up yet. 

So remember the roar and rumble, my pillars flying by, how fast you got from here to there. Soaring city on one side, and that glorious morning view from up on top. That one you'll never see again. My successor is born and already buried. 

I am the viaduct. There will never be another like me. 



'I Am the Viaduct' received the 2015 NW Emmy Award for Historic/Cultural - Feature/Segment

Stephen Hegg, Producer
Amy Mahardy, Post-Production Editor
Hayes Baxley, Cinematographer

Stephen Hegg

Stephen is a 25-year veteran of KCTS, producing a wide range of cultural and public affairs series, documentaries and arts programming.  His credits include PIE, Something in the Water  (PBS feature on Seattle’s indie music scene), the gala opening of Benaroya Hall, and documentaries on Asahel and Edward Curtis, Dan Sullivan and Doris Chase.  Seattle-born, Hegg is a graduate of Whitworth University and is also an accomplished violinist and avid cyclist.

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