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Just Desserts/The Big Dig
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After visiting The Elwood City Times, Francine decides to start her own paper-The Frensky...
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"Sleep No More" Have you ever been so excited that you couldn't sleep? Buster is...

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"The Lousy Week"--An army of lice has descended on the heads of Lakewood Elementary. Who...
Arthur  ·  Episode 509

Just Desserts/The Big Dig


"Just Desserts" Arthur has a hard time resisting sweets, and one evening his overindulgence wins him an upset stomach and a series of rather "Grimm" dreams_ starring Mr. Ratburn as a child-eating witch, the Tibbles as seven dwarves, and a fearsome giant made entirely of food! "The Big Dig" Arthur and D.W. used to love it when Grandpa Dave came to visit _ but now he only wants to sleep and play checkers. Then one day Grandpa Dave shares a secret map, and Arthur and D.W. hunt for a buried treasure and discover some family history.

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