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My Dad, The Garbage Man/Poor Muffy
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Challenged by Fern to enter a poetry contest, Arthur and his friends each write a poem to...
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D.W. Thinks Big: D.W. is jealous of Arthur because he gets to carry the ring in Aunt Lucy...

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Sue Ellen Moves In: The gang wonders if the strange new girl at school is actually an...
Arthur  ·  Episode 126

My Dad, The Garbage Man/Poor Muffy


This animated series is based on Marc Brown's best-selling books about Arthur Read, an eight-year-old aardvark, his sister D.W., and their family and friends. Francine learns to have pride in her father's job in "My Dad, The Garbage Man." Muffy comes to stay with Francine, where they learn how different their homes are in "Poor Muffy."

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