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Do You Speak George?/World Girls
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The Curse of the Grebes: The Elwood City Grebes haven't won the Baseball Championship...

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Arthur  ·  Episode 1009

Do You Speak George?/World Girls


Do You Speak George?: Everyone at school is suddenly speaking their own made-up language. Whether it's the girls' secret code "Oola" or the boys' lingo "Arster-Buther," George can't make sense of what anyone is saying. Is creating his own language the answer? Or can he convince the kids to put their differences aside and start communicating again? World Girls: It's the grand opening of World Girl World, which sells dolls from every countryà and every girl in Elwood City is thrilled! But the trip there is less than ideal - Francine doesn't want to buy anything, Muffy wants to buy everything, and Sue Ellen is crushed to learn that her favorite doll was discontinued. But maybe with some creativity, the friends can work together and find a fun solution to their respective dilemmas.

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