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The Squirrels/Fern & Persimmony Glitchet
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 ·  Episode 1002

The Squirrels/Fern & Persimmony Glitchet


The Squirrels: After watching the classic horror movie, "The Squirrels," Arthur and his friends are scared to step out into the playgroundàand just about everywhere else! Are squirrels suddenly trying to take over the world? Will Arthur ever be able to go outside again? Or, will he and the gang find a way to make friends with their furry neighbors?Fern & Persimmony Glitchet: Fern's story about perfect Felicity Bonchance is thought perfectly boring by her friends, so Fern seeks advice from Persimmony Glitchet, the mysterious and elusive author of the book series, Horrendously Horrible Happenings. With Mr. Glitchet's help, Fern learns that creativity, imagination, and hard work - not sugar and spice - are the real ingredients for a good tale.

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