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Antiques Roadshow

ANTIQUES ROADSHOW is part adventure, part history lesson, and part treasure hunt! Watch as specialists from the country's leading auction houses and independent dealers offer free appraisals of antiques and collectibles, revealing fascinating truths about family treasures and flea market finds.

See Antiques Roadshow: Celebrating Latino Heritage Monday, Sept. 17 at 8:00 p.m. on KCTS 9. 


No episodes are available for online viewing.


Trash or treasure? Discover the value of ordinary peoples' antique treasures.

Upcoming Episodes

Mon 10/22, 8:00pm
Santa Clara, Hour Three

The third hour in Santa Clara, California, features great finds that include a Booker T. Washington archive collected by Washington's former teacher; a 17th-century Chinese transitional wine pot that was mistaken for a teapot; and an Eanger...

Mon 10/22, 9:00pm
The Boomer Years

The "Baby Boom" of the mid-20th century created a generation of people who grew up witnessing the rise of television, space exploration, and rock 'n' roll. In celebration of the "Boomer Years," ANTIQUES ROADSHOW is...