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The Analysts

Election Countdown

The “Trump Effect,” Washington’s 7th congressional district kerfuffle and more

October 27, 2016

The Analysts are fired up with just 10 days left in the election-that-seems-like-it-will-never-end. KCTS 9 political analysts Joni Balter and C.R. Douglas discuss “The Trump Effect” on Republicans in local races, a few fireworks in the 7th congressional district race, the recent U.S. Senate debate in Washington State and more.


Joni Balter

Joni Balter is a multi-media journalist and lecturer at Seattle University and the University of Washington Evans Graduate School of Public Policy and Governance. A KCTS 9 political analyst and advisor, she has contributed to KUOW and Bloomberg View, and was a columnist for The Seattle Times. More stories by Joni Balter

C.R. Douglas

C.R. Douglas has worked his entire TV career in the Seattle area. Before joining Q13 full-time as a Political Analyst, he spent nine years as the Public Affairs Host for the Seattle Channel. Prior to that, he hosted a show on PBS-affiliate KBTC/TV. He has won four Emmy Awards (NW Region).

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