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Robert Bridge is a psychology lecturer, grieving the loss of his young son Josh, who was killed in a car accident three years ago. A specialist in the study of psychic mediums, Robert is invited to an 'evening of clairvoyance' where he meets Alison Mundy. Reluctant and cautious, she is a far cry from the fraudulent psychics that sceptic Robert is used to. Alison is different. Ever since she was a child she has seen spirits and, after a near-death experience, they have taken over her life. Driven by a compulsion to help those around her, Alison seeks to resolve relationships torn apart by death.


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Upcoming Episodes

Thu 8/30, 10:00pm

Post-graduate student Gemma is still mourning her friend Beth who died when an intruder broke into their flat. She asks Alison to help her talk to her friend, but after Alison makes contact a more sinister and unexpected figure begins to haunt...

Thu 9/6, 10:00pm
Mind The Bugs Don't Bite

Alison has now completely given in to her mother's spirit. No longer having the strength to fight against it, she is re-enacting the same madness her mother experienced before her death and is on the verge of a complete breakdown. Knowing...