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ABOUT THE MONEY is KCTS 9's business and finance show that spotlights Northwest business and provides advice on protecting, managing and investing your money.


Season 4
Episode 410
Furlough days and pay cuts have increased financial stress for many families. We see how...
Season 4
Episode 409
With housing prices down and interest rates low, maybe it's time to think about buying a...
Season 4
Episode 408
We look at various ways to help keep a strong credit rating.
Season 4
Episode 407
It used to be taken for granted that buying a home was a better financial decision than...
Season 4
Episode 406
A poor credit score can limit your choices and cost you hundreds of thousands over a...
Season 4
Episode 405
Thousands of "empty nesters" have been waiting for the housing market to improve before...
Season 4
Episode 404
Credit cards have replaced traveler's checks as the currency of overseas travel. Travel...
Season 4
Episode 403
We look at ways of keeping your Facebook profile safe from scammers and hackers.
Season 4
Episode 402
Scammers are after your personal financial information, and they are finding increasing...
Season 4
Episode 401
We look at how to avoid being taken on craigslist and how to use it safely.


Timeshare vacation homes; how they work, how much they cost and how has this industry...
Learn about great vacation deals during Spring. Also, how to research and purchase travel...


A business and finance program spotlighting Northwest business and managing your money.