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Celebrating Excellence<br />2016 NW Emmy® Winners and Nominations

KCTS 9 Congratulates Our 2016 Winners and Nominees!

Overall Excellence

Rob Dunlop, President/CEO

Human Interest - Feature/Segment

A New Life in the Northwest
Enrique Cerna, Producer/Reporter • David Ko, Photographer/Editor • Resti Bagcal, Photographer

Environmental - Feature/Segment 

Perfect Invaders
Katie Campbell, Photographer/Editor • Jes Burns, Producer/Writer

/programs/in-close/victorias-royal-flush-lack-sewage-treatment-still-creating-cross-border-stink Victoria’s Royal Flush
Jenny Cunningham, Reporter/Producer • Greg Davis, Photographer/Editor • Stephen Hegg, Executive Producer

Arts/Entertainment - Feature/Segment 

Healing Through Song
Aileen Imperial, Producer/Photographer/Editor • Resti Bagcal, Photographer

Historic/Cultural - Feature/Segment

Bargaining With Death
Nils Cowan, Producer • Marc Pingry, Photographer • Stephen Hegg, Executive Producer

A Welcome in Washington
Feliks Banel, Producer/Reporter

Health/Science - Feature/Segment

Could a Mushroom Save the Honeybee?
Ken Christensen, Producer/Photographer/Editor

Health/Science - Feature/Segment

IN Close: Cancer Breakthroughs
Ethan Morris, Producer • Stacey Jenkins, Producer • Nils Cowan, Producer • Laila Kazmi, Producer • Sabrina;Register Furia, Producer • David Ko, Director • Amy Mahardy, Post-Production Editor

Finding a Match With Cord Blood

The Immunotherapy Breakthrough

When Music Is Medicine

Fighting Cancer With Vaccines


Informational/Instructional - Feature/Segment

How We Fight Wildfires
Katie Campbell, Producer/Writer • MacGregor Campbell, Animator

Public/Current/Community Affairs - Feature/Segment

Tactics of Black Lives Matter
Bryan Tucker, Producer • Stephen Hegg, Executive Producer

Reverend Al, Homeless Hero
Jenny Cunningham, Reporter/Producer • Greg Davis, Photographer/Editor

Public/Current/Community Affairs - Program/Special

IN Close: Beyond Ferguson Part 1
Enrique Cerna, Producer/Reporter • Nils Cowan, Producer • Sabrina Register Furia, Producer/Reporter • Tonya Mosley, Producer/Reporter • David Ko, Director • Amy Mahardy, Post-Production Editor

Beyond Ferguson: Voices

Youth Movement

Warriors to Guardians

King County Sheriff John Urquhart Interview

Politics/Government - Program/Special

The $15 Revolution
Deborah Wang, Host • Ethan Morris, Executive Producer of Public Affairs • Feliks Banel, Writer/Producer/Correspondent • Jenny Cunningham, Reporter • Amy Mahardy, Post-Production Editor • David Ko, Senior Director/Photographer/Editor

The March to $15

Surviving on Minimum Wage

The Grand Experiment

Interview with Jacob Vigdor on Minimum Wage

Interview/Discussion - Program/Special

Race, Justice and Democracy
Enrique Cerna, Host/Producer • Doug Tolmie, Producer • Carlos Espinoza, Executive Producer

Documentary - Topical

Wildlife Detectives: The Poaching of Puget Sound
Katie Campbell, Producer/Writer • Michael Werner, Photographer/Editor • David Steves, EarthFix Editor-in-Chief • Carlos Espinoza, Senior Vice President, Content and Marketing • MacGregor Campbell, Animator

Promotion - Program - Single Spot

Wildlife Detectives
Jeremy Cropf, Editor • Josh Springer, Producer • Carlos Espinoza, Producer

Promotion - Program - Campaign

First Look Campaign
Jeremy Cropf, Editor • Josh Springer, Producer • Trenton Cotton, Photographer • Resti Bagcal, Photographer 

Fall 2015 Image Sizzle
Michael McClinton, Producer/Editor • Jeremy Cropf, Editor • Josh Springer, Producer • Carlos Espinoza, Producer

Reporter - Programming 

Wildlife Detectives
Katie Campbell  

Enrique Cerna
Enrique Cerna 

Program Host/Moderator

Enrique Cerna
Video Journalist - No Time Limit 

Can a Mushroom Save the Honeybee? 
Ken Christensen