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I Learned My Lesson

Watch "The Lady Bug Doesn't Find Her Spots"

Page 1
The lady bug doesn't find her spots
By Farah N.

Page 2
The Ladybug was taking a shower when she looked at her body and said: oh no! where are my spots? Who took them? I am going to the crazy Farm to find them.

Page 3
The Ladybug saw a hen with a very funny hat. Ms. hen, Did you take my spots? No, I didn't. But you can ask for them to the horse.

Page 4
The ladybug saw a horse with a very funny boots. Mr. horse, Did you take my spots? No, I did not, but if I see them I will send you them in my balloon.

Page 5
Ladybug, why are you so sad? Because I can't find my spots. Have you seen them? No, no, but I saw a cow with a freckles in her face.

Page 6
Mrs. Cow, why did you take my spots? Which ones? The Spots that you have in your face. Oh! There are my freckles. Can you give me back my spots. Oh, please don't take off my freckles. They are pretty on me.

Page 7
Ok, you right. They belong to you. But please can you let me use them some day? Ok, they look pretty on you. The End.