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Combo; • 2-CD set, Lawrence Welk's Musical Treasures • DVD, Lawrence Welk's TV Treasures • Book, The Lawrence Welk Treasury of Photo
This 85-minute entertainment documentary tells the story of The Lawrence Welk Television Show during the years it was on commercial television, from 1955 to 1982. Fourteen stars of the Welk Musical Family were interviewed for the program, as well as Larry Welk, the son of Lawrence and Fern Welk, and costume designer Rose Weiss. The program is packed with behind-the-scenes stories, information and insights, and features many of the weekly series' great moments, from the historic to the hysterical.
An outstanding double disc CD, Lawrence Welk's Musical Treasures contains a total of 24 great songs by Welk Musical Family artists including Anacani, Jo Ann Castle, Henry Cuesta, Guy and Ralna, the Lennon sisters, Jimmy Roberts, Norma Zimmer and many others.