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Gates Foundation Opening - May 27, 2011

May 28, 2011

The Gates Foundation has begun moving into its new campus across the street from Seattle Center. We get a first look at the new facility, and profile some of the work the Foundation is doing to fight homelessness and improve education in Washington state.

Producer's Notes

Producer's Notes Humble Heroes It’s been said that the real definition of a hero is someone who performs a brave deed, but never gets recognized for it. Someone who saves a life, but doesn’t want a ticker-tape parade. Someone who turns down the reward for finding your lost dog. Someone who, despite whatever good deeds they’ve done, is quiet and humble.

Looking at the new Gates Foundation campus across the street from Seattle Center, it’s hard to call them quiet and humble. The facility practically screams, “Here we are!” In fact, the design of the buildings is meant specifically to symbolize reaching out to the world from Seattle.

But the new campus is a bit of a sea change for the Foundation. Until now, they have operated more quietly. I bet you couldn’t tell me where their offices were located before. Not that it was a big secret, but they didn’t put up any billboards either. In fact, until now, the Gates Foundation was actually located in five different offices spread out around the area.

And I bet you didn’t know about all the work they do locally. Sure, everyone knows how the Foundation is fighting disease and poverty around the globe, especially in Africa. But did you know how they’re fighting homelessness here in Washington? Do you know how they’re helping under-served kids prepare for kindergarten, laying the groundwork for a solid education all the way through college?

These are things they’re doing – have been doing for some time, in fact. This week on our show, you’ll learn a little bit more about some of those programs. Yeah – the new campus is pretty cool, and we’ll show you some of the neat things about it too. But it’s about time to give Bill and Melinda and the Foundation their due for some of the great work they’ve been doing right here in the Northwest.

Quietly. Humbly.