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J.P. Patches: Last Night at the City Dump (2011)

About the Show

Dec. 14 - Seattle City Council announced they will officially name the North Transfer Station Education Center after J.P. Patches. The North Transfer Station is located in Fremont/Wallingford.

Dec. 15 - Show is available online

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I remember JP reading my name off on my birthday when I was 5!! That ICUTV was a pretty amazing machine ;)


that was the ICU-2-TV SET.

We sent in my little sister's name as

"Big Bad Bubba" (is 6 years old today)...

and J.P. would only read "Big Bubba" is 6 years old today...

Bubba went on to be a responsible law enforcement worker in DC.

I love this show!!! And it's only 9 minutes in!!!

Glad I saw it in the TV guide!!

Hopefully we will see Gorst the Friendly Frrrrrrrrrrple

and Raggedy Ann, and Sturdly the Bookworm, and a few others!

Hi JP ! Glad to be able to view the show tonight on Livestream, Im in Spokane. I would like to know, who inspired you. For you inspired myself and so many others.

I was in the Jumprope Contest held at Toys Galore, at southcenter in 1977. I was the one who insisted on keeping her sandals on, and cheated, restarting when I failed

Hi JP, we are sharing Chemo together. I was on your show and still remember ALL of the good times. May you prosper in health in 2012!

The best memory I have of JP was when I was a little girl, (I'm 26 now and was about 7 at the time,) and my mom took me to the Incredible Universe grand opening in Auburn to meet JP. He grabbed me by one arm and yanked me up on stage. Then he had me sing "If You're Happy and You Know It." I was horrified, and afterward he gave me a lollipop and I took off running. But now, I can't believe how awesome that was!

I was on his show in the early 70's. He will live on forever. Such greatness in humility he has shown to all. He will never know the lives he has touched. Such are those as him that give everything of themselves with out reservation. Thank you J.P.

I am 56 now and remember a day when I was 4 years old and had to go to a new babysitter's home. I was so shy and insecure. They turned on the JP Patches show and because he was my favorite I began to feel a little bit at home and less fearful that day. JP and Gertrude were a couple of adults that didn't take themselves too seriously, laughed and played. I think they were good role models for how to be imaginative and off the cuff. Too much of our life is spent overly ordered, too serious, and overworked. Thanks for your playfulness and sincere care.

My 5th birthday 1974 J.P. talking to me through the ICU2TV ! My heart still skips a beat thinking of it! J.P. Patches was my show! I will always hold it dear.

I was at the unveiling of J.P.'s statue in Fremont, and because my employer, PEMCO, had a hand in the statue effort, I was able to attend a post-event reception down the street. I walked in and went to the restroom, where I found Chris Wedes (J.P.) a bit perplexed, standing at the sink in front of the mirror. "I forgot to bring the special oil I use to remove my makeup," he said. I told him I'd see what I could find and went to the kitchen, where I found some olive oil. I brought it back to him and said, "Hey look, this is appropriate makeup-removing oil for a guy of Mediterranean descent!" Chris laughed and, sure enough, the olive oil worked just fine. What a gracious, fun guy. Thanks for a lifetime of memories, J.P.!

Thank you for all you've given us! My dad knew you when I was a young girl - he was a leader of our girl scout troup and was always stuck taking us places. That's how he met you and how we adopted our dog, Stormy - much to my mother's dismay. You are loved and appreciated!

Thanks for the memories J.P. You are the best!!! Did anyone else notice Pat Cashman choking up during this show? He must be a softie like me. I remember being at work on the morning of the last show and going into our lounge and watching it.

It was JP Patches just before I had to be off to school, eating my milk and boxed cereal, enjoying cartoons and commercials sitting on the floor in front of the big console TV.

It was that feeling that nothing was wrong in the world or in my life. Having to put up with a cartoon that I dídn't like that much was one of the worst things to happen during the day.

Who doesn't miss the days of the Oooga Chacka singers?

Years ago, fresh out of the UW and feeling very grown-up, I met my parents at Univ. Chevrolet to sign the papers for my first "new" (read: very used) car. I passed a dark-haired gentleman and two teenagers in the lot on my way to the sales office. Upon entering, my dad gestured to the gentleman outside and said to me, "Your hero is out there!" ??? Who??? "Your hero." It was Chris Wedes, shopping for a used car for his daughter. The salesman told us that J.P. would entertain the staff and their families at Christmas parties, how much they appreciated him and his good works. I'll never forget that. Nor the time Gertrude interrupted our carefully practiced marching band sequence in front of the judging stands at the Everett Christmas parade with loud blasts from her trombone. grrrr... :-)

The unveiling statue day was such a treat - Mr. Cashman kept us entertained while we waited and waited for the dignitaries and finally J.P. and his lovely Gertrude to appear. (I had already passed J.P., Gertrude and families in their flashy limo on their way to Fremont as I walked down to the site.) It was a memorable and emotional day. May they both enjoy and relish their hard earned retirement with the knowledge how much we do care and appreciate them so very much. Bless you both, Gentlemen and thank you.

My little brother and sister got to be on his show. My older brother got to be on breakman bill...but I GOT TO KISS JP ON THE NOSE....TWICE! YEEEEEE!

I saw a black and white tv clip showing J.P. Patches riding in a toy hydroplane as it was being craned into the water....I'd love to see that clip again - or have a photograph of it

I was on his show in the somewhere in 60's. Such greatness in humility he has shown to all.He will live on forever. He will never know the lives he has touched. Such are those as him that give everything of themselves with out reservation.