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Episodes include... Crossing the River The Bibighar Gardens Questions of Loyalty Incidents at a Wedding The Regimental Silver Ordeal by Fire Daughters of the Regiment The Day of the Scorpion The Towers of Silence An Evening at the Maharanee's Travelling Companions The Moghul Room Pandora's Box A Division of the Spoils Special Features include... - The original Masterpiece Theatre introductions by legendary host Alistair Cooke - Commentary with Art Malik and Tim Pigott-Smith on Episode 1 - Commentary with Geraldine James and Charles Dance on Episodes 13 & 14
This shrinkwrapped set of beloved Masterpiece dramas includes: * Mr. Selfridge Season 1 (3 DVDs) * Mr. Selfridge Season 2 (3 DVDs) * Mr. Selfridge Season 3 (3 DVDs) * Death Comes to Pemberley (DVD) * The Jewel in the Crown (5 DVDs) * Great Expectations (DVD)