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I'm Not Les: A Transgender Story (2012)

I'm Not Les: A Transgender Story (2012)

About the Film

I'm Not Les: A Transgender Story

For almost 70 years, Sherri hid herself from the world. Everyone knew her as Les, a welder, a husband and a father. She was a biological male, but her physical gender didn’t match the way she felt about who she was.

Like many people in this country living with Gender Identity disorder, she was ostracized, harassed, and abused throughout her life. In fact, ninety percent of people expressing a transgendered identity report being harassed and discriminated against at school and at work. The unemployment rate for transgendered people is double that of the general population. More than 40 percent of transgendered people attempt suicide at least once.

“I’m not Les” is the deeply personal account of one woman’s journey to create an identity and find her place in the world. Follow Sherri, from childhood to womanhood, as she struggles to fit in, to find love, and to accept herself.

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About the Filmmaker

About Daniel Kopec

Daniel Kopec is an eight-time Emmy Award winning writer, director and producer with more than 10 years in the industry. Prior to joining KCTS 9, he served as the executive producer at KBTC Public Television where he wrote and produced the award-winning series "Full Focus," the public affairs program "Northwest Now," and the documentaries "We Are Them," "Might in Flight," and "Purdy".

Kopec has been a contributing producer to programs on NBC, CNN, VH-1 and Fox Sports International. As an independent producer his projects have been screened at the Boston Underground Film Festival, the Seattle International Film Festival, the Bahamas International Film Festival, and the Gene Siskel Art Center.

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