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KCTS 9 Special

History Making

December 28, 2012

A KCTS 9 special produced in association with MOHAI, tells three distinct stories: General Strike, Desolation Adventure, and Lake Union Stories.

KCTS 9 Special: History Making

KCTS 9 Special - History Making

The Pacific Northwest has a unique history that shapes our community and remains alive in our collective attitude and in the values which define who we are as a society.

History Making, a KCTS 9 special produced in association with the Museum of History and Industry (MOHAI), tells three distinct stories: General Strike, Desolation Adventure, and Lake Union Stories. Each story highlights the attitudes and values that make the Pacific Northwest a place that leads the country in innovation, preservation, equity in the workplace, and environmental conservation.

About 'History Making'

Executive producer Daniel Kopec talks about History Making

History Making: General Strike

History Making: General Strike
Image courtesy of MOHAI

In 1919, workers in Seattle staged the first general strike in the United States. Sixty thousand union men and women walked off their jobs in shipyards, bakeries, restaurants, and lumber mills. This five day citywide shutdown was an important first step in establishing the power of the worker, and it has helped to define the way that Seattle and the nation value equitable wages and living conditions for its hardest working citizens.

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Segment Producer: About Michael Werner

Michael Werner is an award-winning journalist and educator who specializes in documentary filmmaking and narrative writing. Prior to moving to Seattle, he was a journalism professor at the University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication.


History Making: Lake Union Stories

History Making: Lake Union Stories
Image courtesy of Paul Dorpat

Lake Union, Seattle’s urban gem, is ringed by familiar structures which have been repurposed but have vibrant stories from the past. Three of them—Gas Works Park, the Ford Motor Assembly Plant (now Shurgard Storage) and the Naval Reserve Armory (now MOHAI) —represent Seattle’s industrious past. We’ll learn the stories behind these three landmarks, and how their transformations are part of Seattle’s innovative present day.

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Segment Producer: History Making - Stephen Hegg, Producer

Stephen Hegg is the executive producer for arts, culture and special projects programming at KCTS 9. He has been with the station for over twenty years, producing a wide variety of projects including arts and performance programs/documentaries. He is an active musician (violin) and performs with local orchestras and chamber groups.


History Making: Desolation Adventure

History Making: Desolation Adventure
Image courtesy of North Cascades National Park Complex - National Park Service

Jack Kerouac remains one of the most recognizable names in modern American literature. In 1956, he spent 63 days living and writing in solitude on top of Desolation Peak in the North Cascades mountains. His time on the mountain helped to define his voice as a writer and shaped in him a love of nature that permeates his writing and transformed him into an unexpected ally of the conservation movement.

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Executive Producer: History Making - Daniel Kopec, Producer

Daniel Kopec is the executive producer of History Making. He is an eight-time Emmy Award winning writer, director and producer with more than 10 years in the industry. Prior to joining KCTS 9, he served as the executive producer at KBTC Public Television where he wrote and produced the award-winning series "Full Focus," the public affairs program "Northwest Now," and the documentaries "We Are Them," "Might in Flight," and "Purdy."

Kopec has been a contributing producer to programs on NBC, CNN, VH-1 and Fox Sports International. As an independent producer his projects have been screened at the Boston Underground Film Festival, the Seattle International Film Festival, the Bahamas International Film Festival, and the Gene Siskel Art Center.


History Café: Beat Poets, Jan. 17 7:00 p.m.

Image: North Cascades National Park Complex - NPS

Join us at the new MOHAI for History Café. This month, we take a look at the cultural impact of the “Beat Generation,” including a discussion of the history of Beat Poets in Washington State and screening of the History Making segment, Desolation Aventure. Learn More

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History Making Partner

KCTS 9's Northwest Stories featured Beat generation writer and poet, Gary Snyder, who was the inspiration for the lead character in Jack Kerouac's novel, The Dharma Bums. Originally aired on 09/28/2009.

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