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Join KCTS 9 on Wednesday, May 9 for GiveBIG 2018

What is GiveBIG?

GiveBIG is the Seattle Foundation’s annual one-day online celebration of philanthropy.

GiveBIG — give early! Make your gift to KCTS 9 beginning Thursday, April 26. By scheduling your gift early, you can donate when it’s convenient. You’ll also provide the powerful, early momentum that will make GiveBIG a success — and create a strong foundation for the programs you love.

GiveBIGGER! All gifts made to KCTS 9 on May 9 through GiveBIG are eligible to receive Dollars for Change, a donor-driven effort that awards $2,500 every hour to selected GiveBIG donors — and early gifts made to KCTS 9 during the pre-giving period of April 26 to May 8 are eligible.

How can I participate?

Last year — in one day — GiveBIG raised more than $190 million for local nonprofits, including more than $190,000 for KCTS 9!