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Find Daniel Tiger

On Friday, January 13, 2017 Daniel the Tiger is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood Sweater Drive — and you’re invited to our Be My Neighbor Day party! Guests will have the chance to meet Daniel and take a photo with him.

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Can you find Daniel the Tiger? Watch the video below for clues on where he is going to be. A new clue will show up here each day.

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Follow @KCTS9 on Instagram and Twitter, and look for the hashtag #FindDanielTiger to follow his adventures.

Daniel Tiger Visits the EMP Museum

Daniel Tiger Visits Chihuly Gardens

Daniel Tiger Visits the Space Needle

Daniel Tiger Rides the Monorail


Daniel Tiger Visits Seattle

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I live in Seattle, WA. 

I'm confused.  All the advertising on KCTS says that Daniel T will be in Seattle on January 13.  The DT website says they were here in November, and will be in PA on the 13th.  ????????

vferguson's picture
Thank you for your comment. We apologize for any confusion. Daniel Tiger will be in Seattle at KCTS 9 on Friday, January 13 for our Be My Neighbor Day event. Our event is separate from The Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood Live tour dates which is what you are referring to. These tour dates will not affect Daniel Tiger's visit on January 13. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. Thank you!

Were in Seattle on the 130th and what time?

jliu's picture
Daniel the Tiger will be at KCTS 9 from 10 am to 4 pm for the Mr. Rogers Sweater Drive kick off. Click on the learn more button at the top of the page to get more information, or visit to register.

How do we sign up for the party? I don't see anything here on the website to sign up.....

jliu's picture
You can register here: If you would like more information, you can click on the 'Learn More' button at the top of the page.

Do the pictures cost money? 

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The event is free, including taking a photo with Daniel Tiger. Parents and guardians will be responsible for taking their own photo using a camera or cell phone. KCTS 9 will be present and will be happy to take the photo for you if you wish to be in the picture with your child(ren).”

will Daniel Tiger ever make a trip to Tacoma or Olympia?   will Daniel Tiger ever get to Tacoma or Olympia?   

vferguson's picture
Hi Ursula - We appreciate your question. We are always looking for ways to bring Daniel Tiger outside of the Seattle area and into surrounding communities. A lot of details and effort go into these kind of events, but we are working on it! Thank you!

Thank you for bringing Daniel Tiger to Seattle! My girls were so excited to meet him and I love the photos we got. This was a very well organized event and the lines moved quickly. I was pleased that we never had to wait outside as was warned on the event page. My only suggestion for next time would be to have a coat check or even just a coat rack, as it was difficult to manage the goodies they were given, coats we had bundled up in, the diaper bag and two kids.