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PBS TeacherLine in Washington state

How to Register and Find the Right Course

1. Create a TeacherLine account for free

2. Register for a course (You can also take a free orientation course)

3. Browse the TeacherLine catalog by topic or grade level

PBS TeacherLine offers over 100 top-quality courses. Each course differs in length – from a few hours to six weeks – but all courses are online and offer you maximum flexibility. Plus, TeacherLine matches you with specially trained, certified facilitators and a fantastic cohort of fellow educators.

PBS TeacherLine’s standards-based courses span the entire curriculum: Mathematics, Reading/Language Arts, Science, STEM, Instructional Technology, Instructional Strategies, and English Language Acquisition.

What’s New at TeacherLine

TeacherLine courses include resources from outstanding partners like NASA and the Library of Congress. New courses include:

STEM420 Inspire Elementary Students with Engineering
Grades PreK-6, 30 hours
Learn to inspire elementary students by integrating engineering principles in your classroom. You will learn how to effectively integrate engineering into your science and math curriculum to meet national standards and why it is important to pique children's interest in engineering at a young age.

INST342 Teaching with Primary Sources from the Library of Congress
Grades 3-12, 45 hours
This course will demonstrate how teachers can help students construct knowledge, think creatively, and develop information fluency necessary for success in the 21st century through analyzing primary sources from the Library of Congress.

SCIE570 Introduction to Biotechnology
Grades 9-12, 30 hours
Learners explore the basic concepts of biotechnology, examine the common tools and techniques of biotechnology, and learn how to incorporate biotechnology into the high school classroom to increase students' awareness of industry and career opportunities.

STEM412 Global Climate Change Education for Middle School
Grades 5-8, 45 hours
Teach global climate change using a problem-solving approach and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) methodology to engage middle-school students and help them understand the causes and effects of climate change using resources from NASA and WGBH’s Teachers’ Domain.



About PBS TeacherLine

Learning with PBS TeacherLine is all about convenience, flexibility, and on-demand access.

You can participate at home, at school, or even at your public library. All you need is a computer with reliable Internet access. Everything you need to participate in a course is centralized online so you can accomplish assignments, stay current, and access resources for projects conveniently — without buying any textbooks or missing any classroom time.

PBS TeacherLine is also a way to build clock hours and can be taken for credit from Seattle Pacific University.

KCTS 9 partners with the Olympic Educational Service District and the Northwest Council for Computer Education to offer a localized TeacherLine experience for Washington educators.

TeacherLine Testimonial

"What I love about TeacherLine is that it is instant access to fantastic learning resources and great colleagues. As classroom teachers, we have packed schedules and lots to juggle. I know that I can log into my TeacherLine courses when it fits my schedule and instantaneously immerse myself in a community of learning with like-minded educators."

"It's like taking a master class with amazing peers from around the country, but without the challenges of getting to a college campus at a certain time. It's an ideal blend of high quality content and total convenience."

-Tony Gomez, K-12 educator, KCTS 9 staff