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Science Cafe: Concussions in Sports

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Concussions in Sports

A current and concerning topic, sports concussions are brain injuries affecting athletes in nearly every sport, from professionals and adults to students and kids. In this Science Café, join UW Medicine's Stanley Herring, MD, to explore the causes, symptoms, effects, and recovery from this common sports injury that can have dramatic consequences. How do we keep athletes of all ages safe?

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At last someone raised this issue. As an athlete myself, I feel that there must be a code of conduct for every popular sports Then a research should be carried out on different incidents, which caused brain injuries in the last 10 years or so. The details should be gathered for all such incidents. And finally, a common policy for all sports should be devised and published to keep all athletes safe.

Concussion in Sports is a great way to show some skills and abilities as an Athlete. Brain injuries are likely common for sports especially for boxing and football and a lot of players are suffering from this and some are into medication until now. I hope that there's no brain injury will happen in the <a href="">mayweather vs alvarez</a> fight this year.