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Preparing for a Pacific Northwest Volcanic Eruption

Preparing for a Pacific Northwest Volcanic Eruption
January 2012 in Kirkland

In the Pacific Northwest, we live in an active volcanic region, surrounded by volcanoes that are both beautiful and powerful. In this Science Café, join the University of Washington’s Brittany D. Brand, PhD, as she explores how to monitor volcanoes for signs of unrest and how we can prepare for the possible consequences of an erupting volcano in our area.

Washington State Emergency Management Division website
Mount St. Helens Institute

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Just discovered your Science Cafe ab=nd the "Cafes' I can listen to online. Excellent. Tonite Im watching the one n NW Volcanic activity. Thank YOU

Fabulous kcts9 programming and website. I very much enjoyed watching & learning about preparing for a NW Volcanic eruption. Keep up the great work!
Thank you.

It's always good to be well prepared for natural processes that can be dangerous to people's lives. Keep up the good work!
Humanity has definitely made a huge step forward.