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Science Cafe: Breaking the Rules of Inheritance for Disease

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Breaking the Rules of Inheritance for Disease

We know that the genes we inherit from our parents influence our physical appearance and risk of certain diseases. However, recent discoveries show that we can inherit other molecules besides DNA that affect disease risk. In this Science Café, join the Institute for Systems Biology's Joseph Nadeau, PhD, to explore the unexpected ways that our ancestor's genetics and environment affect us across generations.


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DNA is the basic building block of humans which set our appearance and our immunity, risk to diseases, inherits information from our parents and ancestor. As Science Café joins the Institute of Biology’s Joseph Nadeau who announces some of the unexpected ways in which genetics changes over generation.

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That's exciting! I've read about the experiments that allow to "scorch" a gene that can cause an inherited disease of a fetus, but according to this theory, it it not enough. I'll definitely subscribe to this.