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Zekie For President

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Zekie For President
By Liam


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The presidents like John adams and Abrham lincon passed out laws like: on a stoplight Red means stop and green means go."


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But this president is passing out laws like: everybody has to sleep twenty hours a day. I can't becuase my pillow's on the floor. I can't go to sleep sis! Bacon Meow + translated = Bacon! Bacon!


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This president is also passing laws like: everyone (including cats and people, have to have bacon and milk everyday. Breakfeast: Bacon and milk. Lunch: Bacon and milk. Dinner: Bacon and milk. Dessert: Bacon and milk. Isn't that weird?


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Do you know why? Because he's a cat. He's my cat. his name is Zekie. Zekie for President. The end.