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The Walk of Danger

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The Walk of Danger
By Sarah S.


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Rosie walked every Wednesday and Saturday, into the woods and back. Sometimes she brought home a beautiful bouquet of colorful flowers. She was fascinated by the look and smell of flowers. Rosie went for her walk as usual, on a bright sunny Wednesday afternoon. She got so distracted dancing in a field of pretty flowers that she became extraordinarily lost.


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"Oh no," she realized, "I left my map and compass behind!" She couldn't find her way out of the forest. Sadness and Loneliness were in her heart.


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While Rosie was searching for the way home, she was startled by a big brown bear. The bear chased her. She ran away extremely fast.


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Then a huge tree caught Rosie and raised her into its branches. Its bark was very wrinkly. Rosie was surprised, but she was also relieved. She still felt a little bit scared.


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The tree said, "I will sprinkle this rainbow fairy dust all over you and you will go home." "Thanks for saving me!" exclaimed Rosie. "I'll come fully prepared in the future, and make a checklist first." The tree sprinkled the dust. It felt ticklish and scratchy.


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The MAGIC worked! Rosie returned home safely.


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Wow, what a lovely story, Sarah. I really reading your prose, and I especially loved the way you combined your own artistic work with other photographs and pictures to make the scenery fit your words so well! Fondly, Sharon (Freedman), your ophthalmologist from Duke:)