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The Weather Fight

The Weather Fight
By Rebekah

Up, up, up, in the sky, the Sun, Rain, Clouds and the Snow are deciding who should control the weather for the day. They decided for the Rain to go down and ask their good friend Mr. Evergreen Tree who he thought should do it. Mr. Evergreen Tree said “I don’t know who should do it.” So Rain went back up with no decision. Then they decided to tell Sun that he should go down and talk to the Pacific Ocean. And the Pacific Ocean said “I think you should go ask Mr. Grand Canyon.” So the Sun goes back up and tells everybody the news. So then they decide that the Clouds should go ask Mr. Grand Canyon who should rule the worlds weather. And Mr. Grand Canyon says “they should go ask Mrs. Mt. Everest, because she is the smartest of all.”

So the Clodes go up and tell every one the solution. So then Snow goes down to ask Mrs. Mt. Everest, and Mrs. Mt. Everest says that they should work it out together. So then Snow goes up and they all work it out together. And their solution was the Sun should shine over the Pacific Ocean. And the Clouds should hover over Mr. Grand Canyon. And Rain should water the trees in Mr. Evergreen’s family. And Snow would spread his white blanket over Mrs. Mt. Everest. The end.