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The Treasure Chest

The Treasure Chest
By Michelle

"Land ho!" cried an overjoyed sailor. Soon, all the sailors were on the dock shouting, "Land ho!" Once they finished shouting, the ship was already on the island. The sailors hopped and skipped around the shore gleefully. But one sailor, Talmud, did not join in. He only wanted gold and silver. He was very greedy. Well, all the sailors were greedy, except he was very greedy.

So he searched the whole island for treasure. It was night when he came back to the place where the sailors were jumping about. "Where have you been? And what's that behind your back?" asked a curious sailor, noticing his arms behind his back, dragging something.

It's a treasure chest! I've been searching this whole island, and there are people here! We better get this treasure chest on our ship, or they might steal it, those people!" So they carried the trunk on the ship. Once it was on board, the sailors called the other sailors to come. They crowded around the treasure greedily. All the sailors urged Talmud to open it quickly, and then they could collect the treasure. He opened the treasure chest slowly and cautiously.

There was a golden flash of light, and a blue, magical genie appeared. "I shall grant one wish," the genie said. "Take us back home!" Take us to the tropical islands!" "Hush. Only the person who opened this chest can wish." The genie turned to Talmud seriously.

Talmud thought for a moment. "Hmm…I wish… for gold to keep spilling out of the chest! Isn't that marvelous, sailors?" "That could be very dangerous," mumbled the genie, but he granted it and disappeared. Gold coins flooded out from the chest, and soon the ship was full of gold coins. "Stop!" ordered Talmud. But the gold coins kept spilling out. The ship got heavier and heavier as the gold coins spilled out. "Stop!" shrieked Talmud again. The coins didn't stop. Soon, the ship sunk beneath the raging sea waves.

Moral of Story: Don't be too greedy.