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The Snowman Without a Nose

The Snowman Without a Nose
By Jacob

On a cold winter afternoon at Whistler Ski School, two brothers named Jacob and Noah built a big snowman. They gave him two eyes, a smile, a tie and a top hat and called him Mr. Snowman. When the children left, Mr. Snowman came to life! He wanted to smell the pine trees but he couldn’t. When he touched his face, he found that he didn’t have a nose! Mr. Snowman really wanted to find a nose to smell with so he got on a sled and slid all the way down the hill.

When the sled stopped, he was at a brown house. Through the window he saw some carrots and two boys. It was Jacob and Noah! When Jacob and Noah saw Mr. Snowman, they came running out and gave him a big carrot nose. Mr. Snowman was the happiest snowman ever.