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The Nutty Squirrel

The Nutty Squirrel
By Katie

Yesterday I saw a squirrel digging in my backyard. I ran into my bedroom and grabbed the nuts I had been collecting. I hurried outside.

I walked slowly towards the squirrel. It was in my neighbor's tree. The squirrel saw the nuts in my hand. I threw one so the squirrel could grab it.

The squirrel started staring at me. It threw the nut at me. It hit me in the head! I put the nuts down. I went inside. My mom asked me how it went.

"Not too well," I said.

"How come?" she asked.

"Well, the squirrel threw the nut back at me, and it hit me in the head!" I said.

Every day for a month, I would look out the window for that same squirrel. But after that day I never saw it again. Maybe it's because he didn't like the nut I gave him. Oh well.