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The Lonely Little Stink Bug

The Lonely Little Stink Bug
By Matthew

Once there was a lonely little stink bug and no one wanted to be his friend because he was so stinky. He lived in a tree all by himself until a monkey moved in. The stink bug was excited that the monkey moved in. “Hi, my name is Stinch, what’s your name?” All the monkey said was “What’s that awful smell?” and he ran away. Next a baby kangaroo hopped next to the tree. “Hi, my name is Stinch, what’s your name?” All the kangaroo said was “PU, what’s that smell?” And he hopped away to his mother. Stinch was so sad that he wished he could find a friend that didn’t mind his smell, or a friend who couldn’t smell. He had a feeling that everyone would smell him and wouldn’t want to be his friend. Then one day a boy named Matthew was sitting by a tree crying. “Oh I wish I had a friend to play with.” Then Stinch crawled down to Matthew. “Hi, my name is Stinch, what’s your name?”

A stink bug! thought Matthew. “Hi my name is Matthew. I love stink bugs! I wish I could have a stinky friend to scare the bullies away at school.” That day Matthew took Stinch home. Matthew put Stinch in a little clear cage with holes so he could breathe. The next morning Matthew took Stinch to school. When the bully came up to Matthew he said, “Have you met my friend Stinch?” “Who is Stinch?” the bully asked. “You see,” Matthew replied. “PU, what’s that awful smell?” asked the bully. “It’s my stink bug,” said Matthew. Who would have thought the bully liked stink bugs? The three of them became good friends.


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My favourite part was when they became friends.