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The Little Dinosaur

The Little Dinosaur
By Thalia

Once there was a little dinosaur who loved to play basketball. One day he forgot that he hadn’t invited a friend over to play basketball with him. So he had to go find another dinosaur to play with him. "But it can not be a Tyrannosaurus Rex," his mom told him. "He might eat you." So he went to the water to try to find some dinosaurs. He found lots of dinosaurs but they were the kind that lived in the water and he couldn’t bring his hoop to the water. So then he went to Pterodactyl cliff. He found lots of Pterodactyls, but then he realized that it would bee too easy for them to play basketball because they could fly. But it would also be a little hard for them because they have such small hands.

Then he went back to the water to see if there were any more dinosaurs. He found a baby brontosaurus and asked it to play with him. "I love basketball!" said the baby brontosaurus. So the two new friends ran to little dinosaur’s cave and played basketball all night long. The end.