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The Food Adventures of Sam

The Food Adventures of Sam
By Joey

Once upon a time there was a boy named Sam. One day, Sam’s mother suggested that he try asparagus. Sam, since he was very agreeable, tried it that minute. He loved it! Every day, he packed asparagus in his lunch. Every day, he asked his mom to make asparagus for dinner. Every night, while his parents were sleeping, he would sneak into the fridge and help himself to even more asparagus. After 25 days of this, something peculiar happened… Sam was very tall, very green, and very skinny. His head was all pointy. His hair was all lumpy. His clothes no longer fit.

At breakfast, Sam’s mother said, “No more asparagus for you, Sam. Try some apple.” Sam, who had also noticed these bizarre changes, sat down right away and tried it. Incredibly, he liked it even more than asparagus! Every day, he ate applesauce for breakfast. Every day, he packed apples in his lunch. Every afternoon after school, he climbed trees in an apple orchard and ate apples to his heart’s content. In fact, he ate so many apples that he wasn’t hungry at dinnertime. After only 10 days of this, something even more peculiar happened…Sam was very short, very red, and very round. His neck was gone. His hair was sticking up like a stem. His clothes still did not fit.

Sam then realized what he had done. He had just been eating one type of food! Remarkably, that had resulted in him turning into it! So, just as his mom was about to say, “Try some bananas,” he said, “Mom, please let me keep eating apples. And can I please go back to eating asparagus? The reason why I have been changing size and shape and color is because I have been eating just a single type of food!” Sam’s mother, who was surprised at her son’s cleverness, agreed “of course!” So if you see a new food, go ahead and try it. Just remember Sam’s story, and eat a balanced diet!


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Very clever, indeed!

Cute drawings. haha