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The Cherry Tree

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The Cherry Tree
By Bridget Forgey


Page 2
The Ball My ball is so tall It is taller than my wall, But my ball is so short, It is shorter than The airport.


Page 3
The Gator The gator is a waiter at a shop, But instead of bringing the food, He eats the people up!


Page 4
Nervous Nell Nervous Nell Is so nervous, She will never talk. So if you ask Her something, She will never answer... But Nervous Nell Talks in her sleep. So if you need to Ask her something, Why not? Can I have a year supply of ice-cream? Sure!


Page 5
My Glasses My glasses, My glasses, I can not find them. Not in the sofa, Not under the cat. Not in the fish bowl, Not in my hat. I put it on, I hear a crunch. Guess what? I found my glasses, But now they are broken.

Page 6
The Balloon Once I went in a balloon. It is no ordinary balloon. It is fired by a dragon. It has bright red flames. And green skin. Too bad it was just a dream.

Page 7
Alphabet Performed By me Bobby! I learned the alphabet today, and this is how it goes, A, Z, 14, 1, B, 100, Y, hmm, hmm, 3, 615, 12, 100,x,+,x,÷,-. I think that is how it goes. Did I tell you I'm very smart?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!