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The Big Rain Jrop

The Big Rain Jrop
By Lars

It all stordt win Lars hrd the wethr forcastr say "There’s going to be a big rain jrop." Lars told his mom, dad, sistr, and bruthr abot the big rain jrop and stordit to prper. That nite the big rain jrop fel down on the city. The poowr wint out. Lars got sum flash lites, Mom lit sum candals, and Dad lit a fiyr. The big big ren jrop fell all night and evrewun fell asleep all cozy and saf. Win they woke up the rain jrop was still falling and there was lots of water all araond. No water came in ther house but the water cuntinyood to rise. They saw lots of intresting things araond them. The rain jrop stopped, but there was still lots to watch! Nite came and evrewun wint to slep, wundring if the fish wer sleping to. In the morning, they woke to sunshin with no trasis of all see lif. Outsid they faond the grass rille wet! And a butiful rainbow in the skiy. The end.