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Ruby and The Pink Pearl

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Ruby and The Pink Pearl
By Lauren
Once there lived a mermaid named Ruby. Her parents named her Ruby because she was born very special with a shinny red ruby in her belly button! No other mermaids had anything so special! Ruby had long silky hair, hazel eyes, curly black eyelashes and a very sweet face. Her fin was extra long and when she swam it sparkled and glistened.


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One summer morning as she swam home, a gigantic oyster caught her eye. She swam over to it. Ruby peaked through a tiny crack. Inside she saw a smooth shiny, pink pearl! Ruby wanted it to make a necklace for her best friend Marine's birthday party. It would be a perfect gift. She tried to force it open, but it was stuck. Ruby sobbed tears of sadness. The giant oyster surprised her by whispering, "Password, password, password." She said "how ill I ever know the password?" She began to search for a clue. First she picked up a starfish, looking at its imprint for a clue. No luck. Then she looked under eight octopus legs. Still no luck.


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Hiding in a clump of seaweed she found a sunken treasure chest. Ruby wondered if it could have fallen off King and Queen Cloran's royal ship. Inside she found Queen Cloran's gorgeous jewelry. At the bottom of the trunk she found a secret locket, written in gold she read BELIEVE. Could it be the password? With a giggle she did two backward flips and swam back to the gigantic oyster.


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Ruby said "I think I know the password." In a gruff voice the oyster replied "then give it up!" Ruby whispered "Believe." They oyster smiled and opened wide. Ruby joyfully said "thank you" and with the pink pearl swam of to make a necklace for Marine.


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The necklace was done, wrapped in pink wrapping paper with a red bow. When she arrived at Marines birthday party her friends Norrie, Zoe, Rachel and and Crystal all agreed Ruby's gift was the best in the whole wide ocean! The End